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Published "VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Services"

I am happy to announce that VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Services has been published and is now generally available. read more

Catalog your way to the Cloud

I have been speaking with allot of customers regarding their own Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud initiatives. One area of struggle for customers is articulating the business value of becoming 'Cloud like'. read more

The allure of Nutanix

The business pedigree of Nutanix derives from the founders who have worked with Google and Oracle Exadata. The co-founders, Dheeraj Panday and Ajeet Singh set out to create a better platform for virtualization read more

The Conundrum of Cloud Adoption

Finding the time and resources to understand the benefit of Cloud when we have little time to begin with can be a challenge read more

VMware Horizon Mirage: Endpoint Protection and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a very important capability of VMware Horizon Mirage. Endpoints change naturally and by default Mirage synchronizes those changes back to the Mirage cluster in the datacenter. read more

VMware Horizon Mirage Design

VMware's new End-User Computing Vision is: "Software Defined Workspace at the Speed of Life" VMware's strategy is to plan for the convergence of traditional Windows Management and Delivery, Windows on Mobile and Mobile Management and Delivery in general. read more

The benefit of infrastructure innovation to VMware Horizon View

Virtual Desktops are expensive to deploy from a storage perspective. With the advancements in deduplication technology the footprint of a virtual desktop deployment on storage has been dramatically reduced. The issue is no longer the cost of 'space' alone. . read more

Practical Virtualization in the Social Media

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Paul O'Doherty BiographyPaul O'Doherty works for the CTO office of OnX Enterprise Solutions as a Cloud Solutions and EUC specialist, specializing in the architecture and delivery of cloud-based infrastructure and end user services. Paul has written several books including VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop released by VMware Press and the follow up title VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User services with his collaboration partner Stephane Asselin.

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