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"Microsoft Ignite 2017: High Availability for your Azure VMs"

The idea with Cloud is that each layer is responsible for its own availability and by combining these loosely coupled layers you get higher availability. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Tips & Tricks with Azure Resource Manager with @rjmax"

The AzureRM vision is to capture everything you might do or envision in Cloud. This should extend from infrastructure, configuration to governance and security. read more

"Microsoft MSIgnite 2017:How to get Office 365 to the next level with Brjann Brekkan"

It is important that customers are configured with a single Identity or Tenant. You should look at the Identity as the Control Plane or the single source of truth. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Protect Azure IaaS Deployments using Microsoft Security Center with Sarah Gender & Adwait Joshi"

Adopting Cloud no longer has a security barrier. It is however a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and tenant. It is important that the tenant understands this principle so they properly secure their resources. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Azure Security and Management for hybrid environments by Jeremy Winter Director, Security and Management"

Jeremy Winter is going to do a deep dive on Azure's Management and Security announcements. Everyone is a different state when it comes to cloud. This digital transformation is having a pretty big ground level impact. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Modernizing ETL with Azure Data Lake with @MikeDoesBigData"

Mike has done extensive work on the u-sql language and framework. The session will focus on modern Data Warehouse architectures as well as introducing Azure Data Lake. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Windows Server Storage Spaces and Azure File Sync"

Microsoft's strategy is about addressing storage costs and management complexity through the use of: world class infrastructure on commodity hardware,finding smarter ways to store datausing storage active-tiering read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Getting Started with IoT; a hands on Primer"

As part of the session we are supplied an MXChip IoT Developer's Kit. This provides a physical IoT device enabling us to mock up IoT scenario's. The device we are leveraging is made by Arduino. read more

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Paul O'Doherty BiographyPaul O'Doherty works for the National Cloud team at Long View Systems as a Principal Cloud specialist, specializing in the architecture and delivery of cloud-based infrastructure and end user services. Paul has written several books including VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop released by VMware Press and the follow up title VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User services with his collaboration partner Stephane Asselin.

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