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"Microsoft Ignite 2017: High Availability for your Azure VMs"

The idea with Cloud is that each layer is responsible for its own availability and by combining these loosely coupled layers you get higher availability. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Tips & Tricks with Azure Resource Manager with @rjmax"

The AzureRM vision is to capture everything you might do or envision in Cloud. This should extend from infrastructure, configuration to governance and security. read more

"Microsoft MSIgnite 2017:How to get Office 365 to the next level with Brjann Brekkan"

It is important that customers are configured with a single Identity or Tenant. You should look at the Identity as the Control Plane or the single source of truth. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Protect Azure IaaS Deployments using Microsoft Security Center with Sarah Gender & Adwait Joshi"

Adopting Cloud no longer has a security barrier. It is however a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and tenant. It is important that the tenant understands this principle so they properly secure their resources. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Azure Security and Management for hybrid environments by Jeremy Winter Director, Security and Management"

Jeremy Winter is going to do a deep dive on Azure's Management and Security announcements. Everyone is a different state when it comes to cloud. This digital transformation is having a pretty big ground level impact. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Modernizing ETL with Azure Data Lake with @MikeDoesBigData"

Mike has done extensive work on the u-sql language and framework. The session will focus on modern Data Warehouse architectures as well as introducing Azure Data Lake. read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Windows Server Storage Spaces and Azure File Sync"

Microsoft's strategy is about addressing storage costs and management complexity through the use of: world class infrastructure on commodity hardware,finding smarter ways to store datausing storage active-tiering read more

"Microsoft Ignite 2017: Getting Started with IoT; a hands on Primer"

As part of the session we are supplied an MXChip IoT Developer's Kit. This provides a physical IoT device enabling us to mock up IoT scenario's. The device we are leveraging is made by Arduino. read more

"ZertoCon Toronto's 2017 Keynote Session"

Ross DiStefano the Eastern Canada Sales Manager at Zerto introduces Rob Strechay @RealStrech the Vice President of Products at Zerto. Rob mentions that Zerto was the first to bring hypervisor replication to market. read more

"VMworld 2017: Dr. Peter Weinstock, Game Changer: Life-like rehearsal through medical simulation"

Dr. Peter Weinstock is an Intensive Care Unit physician and Director of the Pediatric Simulator Program at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School. read more

"VMworld 2017: Raina el Kaliouby of Affectiva and Emotional AI"

Affectiva's vision is that one day we will interact with technologies in the way we interact with people. In order to achieve this technologies must become emotionally aware. read more

"VMworld 2017: General Session Day three: Hugh Herr MIT Media Lab Biomechatronics"

Hugh Herr (@hughherr) takes the stage and mentions that prosthetics have not evolved a great deal over the decades and are passive with little innovation. read more

"Great Executive Q & A with Pat Gelsinger CEO of VMware, Andy Jassy CEO of AWS Cloud Services and Sanjay Poonen COO of VMware"

Pat Gelsinger CEO of VMware, Andy Jassy CEO of AWS Cloud Services and Sanjay Poonen COO of VMware join the Question and Answer period read more

"AWS Native Services Integration with VMware Cloud on AWS with PaulBockelman @boxpaul & Haider Witwit"

VMware Cloud on AWS has a tremendous amount of capabilities. This session will focus on some of the ninety "90" services available through VMware Cloud on AWS. read more

"VMworld 2017: NSX & App Defence: Transform Network Security with Milin Desai"

This session will focus on transforming network and security. Christopher Frenz from Interfaith Medical Center starts with the message that healthcare is a target because healthcare records can be used for identity theft. read more

"VMworld 2017: General Session Day Two with Pat Gelsinger and Ray O'Farrell"

Pat welcomes the audience and calls Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies onto stage. It is a bit of a fireside chat with a number of questions from the audience. read more

"VMworld 2017: Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces with Sumit Dhawan"

Sumit Dhawan @sumit_dhawan, the SVP of EUC mentions that VMware worked hard with partners like Apple, Google and Amazon to deliver a massive amount of innovation this year. If you think about cost, it can only be controlled by more

"VMworld 2017: VMware Cloud Services presented by Guido Appenzeller Chief Strategy Officer"

67% of VMware customers forsee an end state where they rely on multiple clouds. If you are running in multiple clouds a key consideration is vendor lock-in. This creates silos of different ways of defining policy, firewalls etc with little portability between more

"VMworld 2017: VMware AppDefense with Tom Corn,SVP Security Products"

VMware AppDefense is about detecting attacks and automating and orchestrating the response. In addition there is a significant focus on allowing partners to integrate in VMware's AppDefense framework because of the unique visibility VMware more

"VMworld2017: General Session Day One with Pat Gelsinger"

VMworld's theme for 2017 is "Great Technologists Solve Problems, Great Innovators Create opportunities". Pat Gelsinger the CEO of VMware takes the stage. Pat says we have reached an interesting moment were science fiction is becoming science fact. read more

"Excitement in Vegas #VMworld #mayweathermcgregor @podoherty"

ell after the excitement last evening of the Mayweather and McGregor fight things are building in Las Vegas for VMworld 2017. Very happy to be covering the event with the press core this year on behalf of both VMware and Long View Systems and read more

"Safely Transitioning Users to the digital age"

The IT industry is going through a huge change. Key trends driving this change are cloud, mobility, social networks and big data and analytics. The Economist recently reported that by the year 2020 80% of adults will have a mobile device equivalent to today's supercomputers. read more

"VMworld 2015 Wrap Up"

What an amazing week; so much great content and so much fun meeting and connecting with everyone. Over the last few years I have had a chance to release our Horizon book with my good friend Stephane (@VirtualStef) and present at the show. read more

"Horizon and NSX Reference Architecture with Tristan Todd and Kausum Kumar"

Horizon 6 with NSX dramatically simplifies networking and security. For example a good majority of customers using Horizon and NSX have one primary rule "not to let desktops talk to each other". read more

"David Eaglemen (@davideagleman) Director of the Laboratory for Perception and Action"

David explains that we are made of very small stuff in a very big universe and we have difficulty comprehending scale in the world we perceive. Take colors for example, we only perceive about 10% percent of the spectrum. read more

"VMworld 2015: Greg Gage (@phineasgreg) Founder of Backyard Brains"

Greg explains that it takes so much education to understand neuroscience even though many people will suffer neuro diseases which have no cures. Inside the Brain we have 80 million neurons that use electrical currents. read more

"VMworld 2015: Dr Fei Fei ""Computer Vision and General Learning (@drfeifei)"

Ray O'Farrell (@ray_ofarrell) takes the stage and mentions that the Thursday session focuses on innovation. With that Ray introduces Dr. Fei-Fei Li (@drfeifei) who is the director of the Stanford research labs. read more

"VMware Horizon 6 Cloud Pod Architecture Best Practices and Futures"

In this session we will look at Cloud Pod Architecture "CPA" as it relates to Horizon View. As VDI matures adoption is leading to scaled out deployments, across multiple locations with complex designs. read more

"Lakeside Software's SysTrack Cloud Edition announced at show"

I sat down for an interview with Tal Klein (@virtualtal) for a discussion about Lakeside's (@lakesidesoft) SysTrack Cloud Edition. read more

"Atlantis Computing announces Atlantis USXTM 3.0 at VMworld"

Atlantis (@AtlantisSDS) has been pushing the innovation aggressively with the introduction of Atlantis USX just a few short years ago. They have double-down'd on this strategy with Atlantis HyperScale read more

"End-to-End Security with AirWatch NSX and Intelligent Networking"

Mobile Device Management "MDM" is the ability to secure any endpoint and understand what is connected to your network. A baseline capability of MDM is ensuring a device is not compromised and corporate data is secure. AirWatch has an automated compliance engine that provides periodic checks read more

"Horizon for Linux Technical Deep Dive"

Why Linux Virtual Desktops? They are generally less costly than Windows desktops as you do not require a VDA license for connectivity. When a Linux desktop is required you can protect and centralize them using Horizon. read more

"DRS Advancements in vSphere 6, Advanced Concepts and Future Directions"

Most customers are using DRS on full automation with Affinity rules. Less than 1/2 are using Resource Pools although 99.8% are using maintenance mode. This discussion focuses on the specifics of how it works. read more

"Architecting Site Recovery Manager 6.1"

SRM 6.1 delivers policy driven protection groups. The difference is rather than explicitly adding the VM to a protection group, you simply select the storage volume and the VM is automatically protected. read more

"How to Drive Intelligent Provisioning and Operation of VMs Using vRealize Automation and Operations"

VMware's approach to the Cloud Management Platform "CMP" is an integrated set of tools for managing Private and Public Clouds read more

"VMware Virtual SAN - Architecture Deep Dive"

The VMware Software-Defined Storage Vision is app-centric and provides policy driven automation. VMware Virtual SAN is a Hyper-converged architecture that can leverage flash, and provides scalability through a distributed architecture. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote with Pat Gelsinger"

Pat takes the stage and mentions that it is his 6th VMware and 4th as CTO. In 2019 1/2 the population in the world will be online. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote, Day 2: Part 2: Martin Casado and NSX 6.2"

Martin introduces several challenges in delivering applications, especially mobile applications. Applications have evolved into a network, while infrastructure has evolved into a software platform. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote, Day 2: Part 1 with Sanjay Poonen"

Sanjay Poonen takes the stage and shows The Economist "Planet of the Phones" cover. The message is 80% of the world will have advanced computing power in their pockets. "It will be the remote control for your lives" read more

"Why Everybody Needs VMware User Environment Manager UEM"

UEM works with the wider ecosystem of EUC software partners as it ties to the application. UEM is user profile and user personalization driven by contextual policies. read more

"VMware vCloud Air Roadmap"

vCloud Air is now 2 years old; VMware now has 11 datacenters located around the globe (including Europe UK, Germany, Australia South and through partnership, Western Japan) read more

"The Future of End User Computing"

VMware Workspace Suite brings together innovation in desktop, mobile and identity management space. VMware did a polling of their customers to understand what the focus is in the End User space. According to polling, customers are trying to shift from individual mobility, to team mobility and true business mobility. read more

"Ray O'Farrell and Kit Colbert and Cloud Native Applications"

Cloud Native applications are the driver between digital transformation. The challenge is to deliver a single platform that can support in-house and cloud native applications. VMware is looking at two very different approaches read more

"Bill Fathers and Raghu Raghuram Cross-Cloud VMotion"

Bill Fathers reminds the audience that VMware was all about hybrid cloud during VMworld 2014; but what exactly is it? Put practically, it is the combination of Private and Public Cloud to solve complex IT and business problems. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote: Part 1"

This years tagline is "Ready for Any" Session begins with a video on looking after applications at the "Cloud Academy". Really a testimonial on the benefits of VMware's Hybrid approach over others. Carl Eschenbach (@carl_eschenbach) is introduced. read more

"virtualguru blogs the show!!!"

VMworld 2015 brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals to immerse themselves in the latest in virtualization and cloud technology. Attended by over 20,000 attendees from technical professionals to business decision-makers from organizations of all sizes, representing a wide range of industries. This year, I am happy to be an official VMworld blogger for the 2015 event. read more

"Business Transformation Through Innovation"

Jim's opening statement is "Our customers success drives CISCO success". To understand CISCO's strategy we must first understand what our customers are going through. This is one of the most difficult times for our customers." read more

"VMware's Brave New IT A summary of Eric Gales, VP of VMware Canada's Presentation"

Eric has been with VMware for two years; prior to that he was with Microsoft. There is 3 things Eric wants to provide perspective on during his presentation; the Market according to Gartner, VMware's perspective and Eric's own insight. read more

"OnX Believe Event; New Brunswick"

Many thanks to the event organizer, Sheri Renaud our Marketing Manager for putting together a great day for our customers on the East Coast. From our comedian and host Darrin Rose, sponsors, guest speakers, the attendees and the OnX East Coast team we had a fantastic time. read more

"vRealize Operations Insight: vRealize Operations Management and Log Insight "Better Together""

vRealize Operations Management is about having the "Operational Intelligence" to more efficiently manage your environment. read more

"SDDC 2015: Are you Ready?"

Chris Wolf presented at the VMUG today and started with the concept of a liquid world. Chris mentions we are living in an increasingly liquid world read more

"Assign an AppStack to a View Desktop Pool"

Okay this is the last post on this topic. It is fairly straight forward now that we have completed the installation and created an AppStack read more

"VMware App Volumes: Creating an AppStack"

In order to create an AppStack you will need a Provisioning desktop. read more

"VMware App Volumes: Installation"

For VMware App Volumes you will need an App Volume Management server and database. You can deploy Windows 2012 more

VMware App Volumes Introduction "App Delivery at the speed of Cloud"

Okay so the title is a little hokey but the topic is cool. I have been interested in CloudVolumes since VMware made the acquisition last year. "App Volumes" (the VMware release of CloudVolumes) is now available. read more

The Evolution of Atlantis: USX

Atlantis USX is a Software Designed Storage (SDS) solution that has been generally available since January of this year. Interest and adoption have been strong due to the importance of Software Defined Storage. read more

Thanks Halifax VMUG!

The Halifax VMUG group has been running strong for 6 years thanks to the dedicated efforts of Percy Gouchie, Greg Heard and Alex Stefishen. read more @ VMworld 2014

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks at the show but it was a great event. Stephane Asselin (@virtualstef) and I had a great time at our presentation during VMworld 2014. read more

vCloud Automation Center Overview and a Glimpse into the Future

Virtualization on its own will not deliver on the software defined enterprise. Management through automation is the catalyst that empowers the software defined datacenter. read more

What is new with vCloud Suite - Presented by Karthik Narayan and GS Khalsa

The vCloud Suite consists of many products; this session will only cover the major ones. The presenters start with a definition of what "vCloud Suite" is: read more

End-User Computing for the Mobile Cloud Era

VMware is building a complete portfolio that is all connected in three major pillars: desktop, mobile and content. This session highlights a new suite "VMware Workspace Suite" with Horizon, AirWatch and Secure Content Locker. read more

VMworld General Session (Day 2) - Live from VMworld

Ben Fathi VMware's Chief Technology Officer takes the stage. Ben reiterates Pat's message on a liquid world that requires a friction free IT system. read more

VMworld General Session - live from VMware

"The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond the limits" Robin Matlock the Chief Marketing Officer takes the stage. Over 22,000 attendees representing 85 countries around the world are in attendance. read more

Published "VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Services"

I am happy to announce that VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Services has been published and is now generally available. read more

Catalog your way to the Cloud

I have been speaking with allot of customers regarding their own Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud initiatives. One area of struggle for customers is articulating the business value of becoming 'Cloud like'. read more

The allure of Nutanix

The business pedigree of Nutanix derives from the founders who have worked with Google and Oracle Exadata. The co-founders, Dheeraj Panday and Ajeet Singh set out to create a better platform for virtualization read more

VMware Horizon Mirage: Endpoint Protection and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a very important capability of VMware Horizon Mirage. Endpoints change naturally and by default Mirage synchronizes those changes back to the Mirage cluster in the datacenter. read more

VMware Horizon Mirage Design

VMware's new End-User Computing Vision is: "Software Defined Workspace at the Speed of Life" VMware's strategy is to plan for the convergence of traditional Windows Management and Delivery, Windows on Mobile and Mobile Management and Delivery in general. read more

The benefit of infrastructure innovation to VMware Horizon View

Virtual Desktops are expensive to deploy from a storage perspective. With the advancements in deduplication technology the footprint of a virtual desktop deployment on storage has been dramatically reduced. The issue is no longer the cost of 'space' alone. . read more

How do I get to the Cloud?

It is typical for IT not to have seen much personnel or budget increases over the last number of years. However, user expectations have dramatically increased because of the consumerization of IT. The new standard in the minds of the users we service is the 'appstore' approach for everything. read more

Microsoft Licenses and the Cloud

Cloud represents a large opportunity for both customers and service providers alike. The details of how Microsoft Licensing works between customers and Cloud providers can be a little confusing however read more

VMware NSX: Transform Your Network

The merging of vCenter Network and Security 5.1 (vCNS) and Nicira has been branded the VMware NSX (Network Virtualization Platform). read more


When you are building converged infrastructure the primary considerations are Power, Performance and Consolidation. read more

Application Federation: iPaaS

As many of you know, I believe that a huge area of growth for Enterprise IT customers is through proper federation of their on premise private Cloud environments to public Cloud providers. read more

Adding Active Directory as an Identity Source for Single Sign On

When you first deploy the vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA), Single Sign On (SSO) does not use Active Directory as an Identity more

Upgrading vCloud 1.5 and Storage Profile Considerations

I have seen some information out there that touches upon what you need to be aware off but wanted to investigate a little further. .read more

Just What is Single Sign On: vSphere 5.1

Single Sign On or SSO was introduced as a requirement for deploying vCenter 5.1. SSO is based on identity management technology built by RSA but designed for VMware environments. .read more

Deploying the vCenter Server Appliance

When you deploy the vCenter Server Appliance there is a few things that you should verify first. .read more

VMware View: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop

I am happy to say the book release of VMware View: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop was officially launched on December the more

Federate Now; Extending to Cloud

Moving towards the IT as a Service (ITaaS) model is a complex process for most organizations. read more

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EMC Forum Toronto: IT as a Service (ITaaS)

The advent of Cloud computing has created pressure on internal IT departments to act more like service providers. read more

EMC Forum Toronto: The Isilon Advantage

Isilon allows you to apply N+1 or N+4 redundancy so you can tailor the availability of the storage around the business requirement. read more

EMC Forum Toronto: Big Data Transforms Business: Michael Bloom and Adam Fournier

What is responsible for the big jump in data and what do you do with it? read more

EMC Forum Toronto: Why VCE Today, Frank Hauck

Right now converged infrastructure is 6% of IT spend. VCE sees this growing to 60% of IT spending. read more

EMC Forum Toronto: Keynote

At the EMC Forum in Toronto the list of Platinum sponsors is CISCO, VMware and Brocade. read more

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