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"Safely Transitioning Users to the digital age"

The IT industry is going through a huge change. Key trends driving this change are cloud, mobility, social networks and big data and analytics. The Economist recently reported that by the year 2020 80% of adults will have a mobile device equivalent to today's supercomputers. read more

"VMworld 2015 Wrap Up"

What an amazing week; so much great content and so much fun meeting and connecting with everyone. Over the last few years I have had a chance to release our Horizon book with my good friend Stephane (@VirtualStef) and present at the show. read more

"Horizon and NSX Reference Architecture with Tristan Todd and Kausum Kumar"

Horizon 6 with NSX dramatically simplifies networking and security. For example a good majority of customers using Horizon and NSX have one primary rule "not to let desktops talk to each other". read more

"David Eaglemen (@davideagleman) Director of the Laboratory for Perception and Action"

David explains that we are made of very small stuff in a very big universe and we have difficulty comprehending scale in the world we perceive. Take colors for example, we only perceive about 10% percent of the spectrum. read more

"VMworld 2015: Greg Gage (@phineasgreg) Founder of Backyard Brains"

Greg explains that it takes so much education to understand neuroscience even though many people will suffer neuro diseases which have no cures. Inside the Brain we have 80 million neurons that use electrical currents. read more

"VMworld 2015: Dr Fei Fei ""Computer Vision and General Learning (@drfeifei)"

Ray O'Farrell (@ray_ofarrell) takes the stage and mentions that the Thursday session focuses on innovation. With that Ray introduces Dr. Fei-Fei Li (@drfeifei) who is the director of the Stanford research labs. read more

"VMware Horizon 6 Cloud Pod Architecture Best Practices and Futures"

In this session we will look at Cloud Pod Architecture "CPA" as it relates to Horizon View. As VDI matures adoption is leading to scaled out deployments, across multiple locations with complex designs. read more

"Lakeside Software's SysTrack Cloud Edition announced at show"

I sat down for an interview with Tal Klein (@virtualtal) for a discussion about Lakeside's (@lakesidesoft) SysTrack Cloud Edition. read more

"Atlantis Computing announces Atlantis USXTM 3.0 at VMworld"

Atlantis (@AtlantisSDS) has been pushing the innovation aggressively with the introduction of Atlantis USX just a few short years ago. They have double-down'd on this strategy with Atlantis HyperScale read more

"End-to-End Security with AirWatch NSX and Intelligent Networking"

Mobile Device Management "MDM" is the ability to secure any endpoint and understand what is connected to your network. A baseline capability of MDM is ensuring a device is not compromised and corporate data is secure. AirWatch has an automated compliance engine that provides periodic checks read more

"Horizon for Linux Technical Deep Dive"

Why Linux Virtual Desktops? They are generally less costly than Windows desktops as you do not require a VDA license for connectivity. When a Linux desktop is required you can protect and centralize them using Horizon. read more

"DRS Advancements in vSphere 6, Advanced Concepts and Future Directions"

Most customers are using DRS on full automation with Affinity rules. Less than 1/2 are using Resource Pools although 99.8% are using maintenance mode. This discussion focuses on the specifics of how it works. read more

"Architecting Site Recovery Manager 6.1"

SRM 6.1 delivers policy driven protection groups. The difference is rather than explicitly adding the VM to a protection group, you simply select the storage volume and the VM is automatically protected. read more

"How to Drive Intelligent Provisioning and Operation of VMs Using vRealize Automation and Operations"

VMware's approach to the Cloud Management Platform "CMP" is an integrated set of tools for managing Private and Public Clouds read more

"VMware Virtual SAN - Architecture Deep Dive"

The VMware Software-Defined Storage Vision is app-centric and provides policy driven automation. VMware Virtual SAN is a Hyper-converged architecture that can leverage flash, and provides scalability through a distributed architecture. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote with Pat Gelsinger"

Pat takes the stage and mentions that it is his 6th VMware and 4th as CTO. In 2019 1/2 the population in the world will be online. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote, Day 2: Part 2: Martin Casado and NSX 6.2"

Martin introduces several challenges in delivering applications, especially mobile applications. Applications have evolved into a network, while infrastructure has evolved into a software platform. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote, Day 2: Part 1 with Sanjay Poonen"

Sanjay Poonen takes the stage and shows The Economist "Planet of the Phones" cover. The message is 80% of the world will have advanced computing power in their pockets. "It will be the remote control for your lives" read more

"Why Everybody Needs VMware User Environment Manager UEM"

UEM works with the wider ecosystem of EUC software partners as it ties to the application. UEM is user profile and user personalization driven by contextual policies. read more

"VMware vCloud Air Roadmap"

vCloud Air is now 2 years old; VMware now has 11 datacenters located around the globe (including Europe UK, Germany, Australia South and through partnership, Western Japan) read more

"The Future of End User Computing"

VMware Workspace Suite brings together innovation in desktop, mobile and identity management space. VMware did a polling of their customers to understand what the focus is in the End User space. According to polling, customers are trying to shift from individual mobility, to team mobility and true business mobility. read more

"Ray O'Farrell and Kit Colbert and Cloud Native Applications"

Cloud Native applications are the driver between digital transformation. The challenge is to deliver a single platform that can support in-house and cloud native applications. VMware is looking at two very different approaches read more

"Bill Fathers and Raghu Raghuram Cross-Cloud VMotion"

Bill Fathers reminds the audience that VMware was all about hybrid cloud during VMworld 2014; but what exactly is it? Put practically, it is the combination of Private and Public Cloud to solve complex IT and business problems. read more

"VMworld 2015 Keynote: Part 1"

This years tagline is "Ready for Any" Session begins with a video on looking after applications at the "Cloud Academy". Really a testimonial on the benefits of VMware's Hybrid approach over others. Carl Eschenbach (@carl_eschenbach) is introduced. read more

"virtualguru blogs the show!!!"

VMworld 2015 brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals to immerse themselves in the latest in virtualization and cloud technology. Attended by over 20,000 attendees from technical professionals to business decision-makers from organizations of all sizes, representing a wide range of industries. This year, I am happy to be an official VMworld blogger for the 2015 event. read more

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